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Copy of Seasonal Share - Subscription Details

  • Seasonal Indian organic vegetables, and organic Indian groceries delivered right to your home!
  • Locally grown in our farm in New York.
  • We source non-GMO, non-hybrid untreated heirloom (Desi) seeds from different regions of India.
  • We grow vegetables completely chemical free and cultivate using Vedic Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) methods with cow products.
  • A wonderful opportunity to get involved with the farming community!
  • No more fixed options, you add to cart what you like every week.
  • We deliver to NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA and Eastern PA in our own refrigerated trucks.
  • We ship by UPS 2 day ground to DE, MD, DC, VA, MI, OH, IL, NC, SC, GA, WV, TN, KY, ME, VT many more states.
  • We ship UPS next day air to TX, CA, CO, AZ, UT, WY, SD, WA, ID, MT, OR, NM, ND, MS.
  • Only farm delivering Fresh Vegetables by UPS & Door Delivery.
  • Minimum Order is $49!
  • Gift, donate or send it to your family.
  • If you move we can deliver to your new Address (with prior notice)

Seasonal Share -Indian Farm Box 

Season - Season (13 Weeks) Starts June

Want to eat seasonal and local? Organic Indian Seasonal Share Farm Box is perfect for you! Tune in to the rhythm of the seasons by eating what's in season. You can change into any other annual plans anytime during the Season or later! We know you will!

We grow a large variety of seasonal Indian Organic Vegetables and Fruits and deliver to your home, fresh from our farm!

Easily customize which items come in your delivery each week.


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Season 2022 - Buy Now

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