Let us tell you about our story.

We grow ancient Indian vegetables, spices and Ayurvedic herbs sourced from seeds harvested from different regions of India including from the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Our Mission

Practicing agriculture in a way that heals and restores to health many ancient seeds, our soil, our land, and our human and natural communities.


We avoid chemical inputs to our soil and plants. 

We utilize cow byproducts for seed germination, growth enhancements, and as pesticides, using ancient Indian techniques.


We are a no-kill farm. Our cows are free to live out their natural lives and are provided with comfort care at the end stages of life.

We support ethical practices through our Ecownomics nonprofit.

Farming Technique

Our holistic Complete farming method encompasses most non-conventional and emerging systems of agriculture, including regenerative, organic, permaculture, and Biodynamic.

Our Team

Nimai Gupta

Chief Farmer &  CEO 

Ashley Scott

Owner & Director - Farm Operations

Benjamin Berwing

Farming Systems setup