How It Works

Flexible Customization 
    • During the harvest & delivery season, at the beginning of each week, we send out an email letting you know what is being harvested for that week ***(please ensure that any emails from are not in your Spam or Promotions folders)***.
    • You may then log into your CSA account (once the season harvest starts) and customize your Indian Farm Box from what is available. That will depend on our availability and your taste.
    • In case you are going on an extended vacation, you may place a hold on your subscription through your online CSA account. Maximum in a season one can skip or hold is 4 weeks. The cut off for this service is 7 days prior to your delivery day at 12 PM EST. In return, we will give you credit for 50% of the cost of each share that you put on hold to a maximum of 4 weeks in a season. That credit you may use on our webstore to order add on products like local organic cheese, jam, organic honey, maple syrup, etc. 
    • Alternatives to putting your subscription on hold are to share your CSA program with those who might be interested – have it delivered to your friend or neighbor while you’re gone, or give it to the person who house or pet sits for you while you’re away (please be sure they are familiar with these procedures); or you can arrange to donate it. You may accomplish this by having your box delivered to the other address. You may change the delivery address in your online CSA account. The cut off for this service is three days prior to your delivery day at 12 PM EST.

      Door Delivery

      • Those who cannot come to the fam to pick up, we deliver directly to your door using UPS next day. You may read up more about our delivery service, delivery region, and other options here.
      • The box will generally arrive in the afternoon and will be left outside your porch (or wherever you generally give instructions to your UPS driver to leave your boxes). Please move the contents as early as you can to your refrigerator. 
      • The box will be shipped in a packing that can handle the summer heat as well as rough handling on the way. Our endeavor is to ship your produce securely the same day when we harvest it so that you can receive them fresh the next day in NY area and in 2 days in other nearby areas.


      Due to feedback from our members, from season 2020, we are moving to 100% recycled material for packing. Read more about our environment friendly packing solutions here

      Manage your CSA Share online

      Choose from different payment methods, schedule delivery holds, change your delivery location, view subscription history and details on your online CSA account.

      Online Marketplace 

      Gopal Farm maintains a separate online marketplace for add on products like local cheese, honey, maple syrup etc. One may also buy extra Organic Indian vegetables from this store at the retail prices. You would need a separate account for making those purchases.

      Payment Options 

      CSA system works with the cooperation between farmer and yourself. The farmer works hard to provide fresh organic vegetables to your family. But he needs capital initially in the season for purchasing seeds, growing seedlings in the greenhouse, preparing the land for organic production, paying for the farm labor and tending the plants till the vegetables are ready to harvest. Hence the CSA shares are generally sold early in the season and they are pre-paid. 

      Membership with our Farm is more than just a weekly share. Your membership supports and provides a place for Farm Discovery, our non-profit offering feed & other necessities for our A2/A2 Cows (who will never be sent to the slaughterhouse)

      We also have many education programs to bring Youth and families back in relationship to food, farming, and nature.

      CSA Sign up  

      Unique access to the Farm

      Come visit – get to know your farmer and where your food comes from! It is a unique opportunity for Children to learn about their food heritage. We welcome our Members for Pick-ups from the farm, and at Community Day Events, and our Weekend Farm Stand.

      Interested in Volunteering, Farm Visits, any Educational Program at our Farm please contat us