Indian Farm Box Sign up

Generally, most other CSAs have pickup sites whereas we have home delivery options hence here is a brief tutorial on how to Sign up.

1. Visit -> Indian Farm Box -> Sign Up     

2. Select an available delivery schedule from the list as per your convenience.  The sub-header option states "Pick-Up Site" and "Select an available pick-up site from the list or map"; Please disregard what it states. Also you may disregard the options related to Map. Here you would be able to select your choice of pickup / delivery days.  

3. Select a Vegetable Box Option you need as per number of members in your family


4. Select the Options:

From this year, you have additional options to subscribe for Organic Grass-Fed A2 Ethical Milk and/or Organic Farm Fresh Fruit Box. We are still working on the regulations and logistics respectively for these to be made available for subscription. As these are in very limited availability, you may add these options in waitlist now. Once they are open for subscription, we shall inform you via email where you could pay and confirm your subscription for these options. 

5. Select the payment method: You may Pay in full and in 3 Installments(To start from January 16th). An installment fees of $100 will be added to the total amount.

6. Apply coupon code (if any):  Only one coupon code may be applied per person

7. Create your account (if you do not have one already):

9. Select the payment type by agreeing to the terms and conditions

9. fill in the card details and save

 You will receive a confirmation email when the payment is successful.