Indian Farm Box Sign up

CSA Sign Up is handled by a third-party app Farmigo. Generally, most other CSAs have pickup sites whereas we have home delivery options hence here is a brief tutorial on how to Sign up.

1. Click on the Sign Up page. 

2. Select an available delivery schedule from the list as per your convenience.  The sub-header option states "Pick-Up Site" and "Select an available pick-up site from the list or map"; Please disregard what it states Also you may disregard the options related to Map. Here you would be able to select your choice of pickup or delivery dates.    


3. On the Next page, you can ADD the "Indian Farm Box 50" option (currently the only one). You can see a detailed description of the Box by clicking on the image. 


4. Next page is the payment option. Total pre-payment amount is $50 per week X 20 weeks = $1000. If you are not picking up, then the subsidized Shipping & Handling amount is $7 per week X 20 weeks = $140. 


5. On the Next pages, you may complete the Sign Up process.  






         Thank you for subscribing