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Jain Farm Box - Ahinsak Jain Agriculture


We use only ancient Indian organic techniques at Gopal Farm. But to understand and cater to the Jain community who honor the principles of non-violence or Ahinsak principles, we have collaborated with Smart Jain whose Owner, Jain Artist and Community Leader Shefali Ajmera, NY states:

"Few years back I realized that all products (yes, all products) that we use in our daily lives have animal ingredients in them. This fact really touched my heart as being Jain and believer of “Live and allow others to live” philosophy by Lord Mahavir. I can never imagine that everything around me, that I am using, has killed animals. So I decided to start our own Ahinsak (non-violent) endeavours.

After studying market for almost 2 years, I decided to start my first Ahinsak endeavour in agriculture as I realized that chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides affect Mother Earth and human health tremendously. Even in organic farming as pest management control uses organic pesticides and insecticides, it kills earth friendly insects along with pests. As a result, this will continue to cause ecological imbalance on earth. Believing that all living organism has full right to live its life and die naturally, thereby killing these organisms is just not the solution. Proper nurturing of the plant in connection with the nature is required.

I visited many local organic farms, even went to Organic Farmers conferences in hope to finding a like minded farmer to work with. Gopal Farm of NY was the closest to the Jain Ahinsak principles. So we have decided to collaborate with Gopal Farm to bring a curated Jain Farm Box to serve the Jain Community of Northeast USA.

Moreover, we have sponsored Dr. Sharad Godha from Jaipur, India to come and do R&D in implementing many more of the Ahinsak agriculture principles to fine tune the Ahinsak principles used at Gopal Farm.

So let’s get started with Jain Farm Box for all who wants to live healthy and pursue Ahinsak (non-violent) lifestyle / Jain Way of Life.

We are always going to be very thankful to all our supporters, subscribers and people who work with us. As these Ahinsak (non-violent) endeavours are not possible without the participation and support of each and everyone of us." 

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