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Jain Farm Box - Problem of Violence in Agriculture


Until about 70 years ago all farming was done without man made fertilizers and pesticides. As man tried to create a solution for growing population around the world, they increased their crop production using pesticides and insecticides. That not only destroyed the natural chemical composition of the soil, it made its way into human body causing development of new diseases and complications. We are all aware of the fact that fertilizers cause so much damage to earth and insecticide pesticides used on our vegetables are extremely hazardous to health.

In organic produce too there are lot of organic insecticide and pesticides used to kill pests and other insects by their pest management control system. So both methods of farming cause lot of violence towards the other living beings and does not support ecological balance on earth.

Ahinsak farming focuses on returning to the basis without causing any harm to any living being. Ahinsa means non-violence. 

Ahinsak farming differs from organic farming that it does not even use any organic insecticides or pesticides. Following the principles of Ahinsak (non- violence) it believes in “parasparopgraho jeevaanam”-the interdependence and coexistence of all living beings with their right to live and grow.

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