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Sambhar Cucumber

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Sambhar Cucumber- the “Cooking Cucumber”. Generally we associate#cucumber with fresh salads or pickles. But cooking?#india is the origin of many COOKING ones! They are used in varieties of traditional recipes from region to region.

This one is called Dosakkai in South India and used primarily in the staple Sambhar lentil stew. Hence the sobriquet ‘Sambhar Cucumber’. Slight sour, they are used in curries, they make great pickles, they hold up really well to heat. They can also replace potatoes in soups, and be used in stir fry as well as eaten fresh. A user turned the very large ones into a bowl and filled them with cold cucumber soup.

Sambhar Cucumber can be seen displayed roadside by vegetable sellers all over South India. Provides the required fiber to the meal, better for digestion, nutritious and cleansing all in one. 

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