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After a hard day’s work, each getting one’s evening fill!!

Spending time with a cow can make anyone relaxed. She is THE the reason why we moved from Long Island to the #hudsonvalley Cow is hands down the best pet. She is sweet. She is not unreasonably demanding. Very very loving😘 clean and not smelly unlike dogs. Eats a LOT, but gives lots of MILK in return. Even her poop and urine helps us in growing our food.

We humans are meant to live In symbiosis with the #familycow like the billions and billions of humans over thousands of years over all continents had lived with their #cows but the 21st century is so advanced 😀😟 that WE have discovered - “cows belong in factory farms not with us”, “pasteurization and homogenization makes milk safe”, “cows milk is not digestible by humans”, “cows milk is meant just for her calf”,, “almond and soy ‘milk’ is healthier” 🤨😠. All except the MOST NATURAL - “keep a cow at home”😅🤨😊 take care of her and have fresh milk from her daily🧐

We do not seem to link our multitude health issues, numerous allergies, some psychological problems, even some of the social issues to 🤔🤔 - NOT KEEPING A COW AT HOME AND DRINKING HER FRESH MILK 😳😳 Maybe when we understand these essential connections better - as ALL of our forefathers did when - Hey! they did not have these issues- we would move to where we can keep OUR OWN COWS AT OUR OWN HOME 💃🕺
If we - both city bred 👞 can do it, anyone can😎😎 #ahimsa#knowyourfarmer #hudsonvalleyfarms#nyfarms #ny #nyc #pet #peta#veganlifestyle #dairy #milk#cowsofinstagram #guernsey #soymilk#almondmilk #factoryfarming#indianheritage

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