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Gopal Farm Pine Island

Gopal Farm Pine Island is dedicated to growing tropical fruits and vegetables in an organic and sustainable manner. We are located on Pine Island in SouthWest Florida, and our farms consist of four properties (with a couple more under contract) including nearly 150 acres of coconut and ornamental palm groves as well as old-growth mango trees.  As a company and team, we aim to reinvigorate the land we steward, to build a functional ecosystem based on agroforestry, agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative design. We aim to grow the healthiest food and do not use any chemicals, and our application for organic certification is currently being processed. At the same time, we are looking forward to providing delicious and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs to an appreciative client base in North America and possibly to Europe.


Globally there are 62 million tons of coconuts produced. With numerous health benefits and a great taste, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy bottled coconut water. In the United States, nearly all coconut water drunk by consumers is harvested internationally. Not only is the process of importing large quantities of coconut water energy-intensive, due to shipping and packaging, but coconuts are also often grown in large monoculture plantations that emit much carbon and old-growth forests are often destroyed to make way for these plantations. However, we are committed to bringing fresh coconuts from our farms to the doorsteps of our members. Many of our trees are green Malay coconut, and a few orange Malay varieties with a refreshing sweet taste and 2-3 glasses of water per coconut! We send our coconuts in our farm boxes as well as sell them in bulk. 



We plan and are actively engaged in transforming degraded land in the USA into biodiverse organic regenerative farms and our Pine Island farms are a model prototype for this - with an active trailing ground and production, processing, and marketing hub for a wide range of tropical produce with many health benefits including but not limited to coconuts, jackfruit, guava, Jamun, lychee, banana, pineapple, mangoes, vines like black pepper, vanilla, and roots like turmeric, yams and many ayurvedic herbs and shrubs. 



Our mango orchard has around 12- 15 kinds of various cultivars of Indian mango varieties. We have Totapuri, Hayden, Keitt, Kent, Carrie, Valencia Pride, Baley Marvel, a variety called Carolina named after the farmer’s wife and more! All the orchards are managed without any chemicals. Around mid may we ship out or deliver green unripe mangoes for pickles. We harvest Totapuri and Mulgoba varieties specifically for pickles, these are very sour(tangy) and work delicious for Indian mango pickles. 

Around June, we will be shipping our sweet ripened mangoes from the orchard. Please sign up for our newsletter so you can receive the notifications when pre orders open.

As an organization, we are working towards a growing movement to halt and reverse the worst effects of the climate crisis. We are in the process of creating a financially viable working model for USA tropical areas that can be recreated and altered to suit each growing ecosystem from small to large scale for different climatesmart partner farmers. We are also working to establish a “Superfoods Processing Plant” in South Central Florida to process the excess fruits that have a  direct-market need, as well as supply to those who are health conscious to secure a  fair pricing for the fresh as well as processed products grown regeneratively with much investment of organic resources.

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