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Nikhil "Nimai" Gupta

Chief Farmer &  CEO


As Farmer- leads production, conservation practices, harvest/storage/packing, Marketing, Sales, soil health, compost, livestock health, and facilities

As CEO, identify business opportunities and execute them, branding, handle PR, community relationships, regulatory issues, grants, investments, accounting, human resource, etc.

Background & Past Management Experience - Electronics Engineer from NIT, Nagpur India/ IT Project Lead in Infosys ~ President of a Hindu Temple in Long Island, NY since 2004 ~Owner & CEO of Ayuryoga, Inc. since 2008- Largest distributor in North America of Classical Ayurveda formulations

Farming Experience - CEO and Operating Gopal Farm in NY since purchasing it in 2016; Learnt to take care of livestock ethically and imbibe its culture by living at and owning a dairy operation for 2.5 years in India (2009-11) in a desert village in Western region of India where the main occupation is animal husbandry for past hundreds of years. Learned the ancient Indian System of Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) that uses low-cost inputs from Cows instead of using expensive fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticides that are giving us better yields with lower costs.  Attended many seminars, classes, and workshops on various facets of organic farming in Northeast from 2012-2016. March 2015- May 2016: Urban Farmer at Freeport, NY on .25 acre of leased suburban lawn 

Ashley Scott

Owner & Director - Farm Operations

Key Functional Areas Covered: Sales, small animals, and seeds

Past positions, successes: Owner of existing Ayurveda distribution company (Ayuryoga, Inc).

Educational background: Diploma, 4+ years of dairy, vegetable & herb farming experience.

Benjamin Berwing

Farming Systems setup

Highly skilled Project Manager (PMP, PRINCE2, CMMI)

Christoph Dehnel

Website Designer

Key Functional Areas Covered: Website maintenance and design

Past Positions, successes and/or unique qualities: computer engineer, project manager, 10+ years of website design experience.



Farm Roots, GrowNYC - Mentoring, and branding

Nathan Rudgers - Farm Credit East, NY. Grant Writer. Ex-Agricultural Commissioner of NY State. 

Braj Aggarwal, CPA - Accountant and financial consultant

Krishnan Chittur, Esq. - Attorney, Current President of Rotary District 7230 (New York City boroughs of Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island as well as Westchester County and Bermuda).


Advisors & Consultants

Sarah Flack  Dairy and Organic Pasture Management Consultant

Michael McDonough - Architect, and eco-Greenhouse designer/consultant

Ethan Roland Soloviev- Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture project design


Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) - Gopal Farm has been selected in its Start-up Incubator-without-walls (IWW) and Accelerator(FFFA) programs. 

     The HVADC Farm and Food Funding Accelerator is an intensive mentoring and training program for Hudson Valley farmers and food entrepreneurs seeking to scale their business, gain access to capital, and build sales. Training sessions are being conducted by HVADC, its industry partners, industry professionals, and institutional and retail stakeholders in the Hudson Valley food system. In addition to HVADC instructors, peers from the 2016 FFFA class will participate as mentors and counselors. Sylke Chesterfield, a business consultant and certified coach of Chesterfield Advantage, is the FFFA Project Manager. HVADC is the only economic development agency in the Hudson Valley with a specific focus on the viability of the agricultural economy in the region, that feeds NYC, the largest consumer market in the USA.

Additional advisors provided by HVADC:


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