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Carbon Fixing

Carbon fixation – Trees are highly adapt at fixing Carbon.

Nuts & Fruits – Locally produced nuts and fruits and their derivatives/processed products have high revenue potential to make this endeavor sustainable.

Wood – Pruned, dead wood can be used in Wood Furnaces for heating


We have conserved 12 acre of wood lot that has 10 Maple Trees and much biodiversity. Additionally, in 2018, we planted 100 American Chestnuts and 80 Hazelnut Trees. In Spring 2019, we plan to plant 100 Pine Nut Trees, 100 Pawpaw Fruit trees, 100 American Persimmon trees and 25 Sugar Maple Trees.


American Chestnut Trees



Hazelnut Trees

Pine Trees

They are the most carbon-effective conifer


Sugar Maple Trees


Pawpaw Fruit Tree


American Persimmon


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