Delivery (Off-Farm)

Delivery Schedule

While subscribing for the box, you may choose to receive the box on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, each with a maximum of 50 subscribers per day.

Delivery Region

We ship one day earlier by UPS from New Paltz, NY. 

We currently ship to the Yellow Zone (1 Day) for a subsidized shipping cost of $7 per week. If you are in another zone or if you are not clear if you fall within the Yellow Zone, please contact us before signing up as then different packaging and shipping options may be required for shipping these perishables vegetables.  

Delivery Map from Gopal Farm New Paltz

Delivery Issues:
*Please note: Delivery delays can be in the hands of Mother Nature due to inclement weather, or unforeseen UPS truck breakdown or accidents. Once the order leaves us it is in the hands of UPS but we are endeavoring to pack such that the vegetables can handle another day in the box in case of delay. All missing or damage issues must be reported at the Contact Us within 24 hours of receiving your order. Pictures may be requested.