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  1. Outdoor Wood Boilers

Heat is required for Barns & Greenhouse. Wood is renewably available in North East, even from our own woodlot. Hence the Wood Boilers as heat source. Moreover, the byproduct Wood Ash is useful for increasing soil pH instead of adding in Lime as soils in Northeast generally become acidic over time.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) considers it a useful renewable tool hence provides grants that we have applied for

  1. Green Design of buildings

Greenhouses – N-S direction, Insulate North Side, Have thermal sink


  1. Green design of Barns, Office space, Windows, Skylight
  2. Solar Panel for Electric fencing, barns and for greenhouse


  1. No borewell to conserve aquifers
  2. Rain Water Harvesting
  3. Pond expansion
  4. “Hand dug” wells
  5. Hand pumps

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