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Vedic Learning

Gopal Kids - Summer Camp

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Gopal Kids - Summer Camp
You all know us as passionate farmers pursuing the cause of ethical and regenerative farming, chemical free agriculture and cruelty free A2 Dairy. The values and morals that have guided us to pursue this challenging path are our everyday motivation and have essentially taught us many things and to see what is really important in today's world.
With that background we have felt the need to come up with a program that imparts these beautiful ethics that lay in our scriptures to the most important of us all, the younger ones!  


A team of passionate teachers who share a common love - make teaching fun and interactive for the kids, got together to work and created a beautiful summer program for the children aged 5-10. What other than the childhood stories of Krishna can be a better backdrop? So with these most wonderful stories that subtly impart values and are so much fun to hear any number of times, a 7 week program has been designed with a number of crafts, activities, projects, physical exercises with yoga and more all personalized around the theme of each class. The kids will never know how the time flew!


Kids Summer Camp Kit

All the kids will be mailed a box full of custom goodies, art and craft and project supplies! Nila, an American Vaisnavi and Atika, a professional textile designer, have specially curated this for the Gopal Kids Summer Camp!


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So many activities !

  • Making ghee lamps  
  • Rangoli  
  • Rakhi
  • Govardhan Model 
  • Painting of Radha kund
  • Individual project 
  • Paper mache butter pot
  • Kaliya model
  • Make turbans
  • Block printing
  • Garlands
  • Individual creative project              and more! 

Krishna Lilas that they will be learning are,
Krishna Janma, Putana, Yashoda’s Vision, Damodar Lila, Aghasur, Brahma Vimohan Lila, Pralamba, Dhenuka, Kaliya, Govardhan, Raas Lila  and Arishta.
Little kids will connect with and take pride in Indian culture, immerse in the Lilas of Krishna, chant shlokas, sing kirtan, learn village crafts like rangoli and rakhi and develop relationships with other kids!! They will become confident with one on one teacher attention and the projects they will create by themselves!




Nila Hargreaves has been born and brought up in a family of American Vaishnavas and has made her life’s mission to share Vedic culture with children in a fun and engaging way. She has many years of experience teaching in Vaishnava schools in India and America to children of all ages. She has lived in India for half of her life and is currently based in North Carolina with her husband and three little children. She teaches elementary-age children at Goloka Community School. Some Children's songs that she learned as a child are shared on her Instagram @mayapurmama.


Atika is a textile designer and teacher by profession, born and brought up in Jaipur, India. She loves to teach children Indian art, paintings, and craft which helps them better appreciate the Vedic heritage and imbibe the teachings in a fun way. She has experience of almost 10 years in teaching elementary-age children.


Ranchor is an ex-Monk and tech enthusiast with a mission to help shape the character of kids based on scriptures to bring focus to their lives. His aim is to make the most of today's tech, gadgets, apps to ease the Vedic teachings for today's youth. His Vedic-meme Instagram account is @dadhiloba


Class Timings

Twice a week - Wednesday & Sunday.

 July 14th - August 28th

Batch I - 09:00 am to 10:30 am (EST)

Batch II - 10:45 am to 12:15 pm (EST)

Give the gift of spiritual learning made fun to your kids today from the comfort of your home!!

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