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How does our Custom CSA work?

The traditional Model of CSA Boxes is that the farmer puts in each Member Box a portion of what is being grown seasonally. Members generally have not had much choice in selecting the boxes. This results in many members weekly receiving some vegetables that they may not like or larger or smaller quantities of vegetables leaving CSA members not fully satisfied. Many members usually have put up with these inconveniences so as to keep availing of local farm produce, to support a local farmer, and to associate with keeping the farming community, etc. There are added advantages of joining a farm CSA than just the selection of vegetables. 

Our CSA model Mixes Choices with traditional CSA advantages. Our CSA box is unique in our members may almost fully customize their weekly boxes, in addition to receiving the other benefits of signing up for a Farm CSA. We are trying to mirror the shopping experience of going to a normal Organic Grocery Store while connecting the members to a local farm and its farming community. 

Main areas of Customizations possible-

1. Select Differently themed CSA Boxes – Indian, American, Ayurveda, Tropical Fruits, etc. 

2. Select Differently Sized Boxes [from 2022]

3. Select Frequency (Weekly / Bi-Weekly) of Boxes [from 2022]

4. Select Vegetables & Quantity that YOU want for the week

5. Select Direct Delivery to home or Pickup from farm/farmers market.

6. Select Different days of Delivery / Pickups to some extent

7. Customize Quantity/Delivery schedule for Vacation weeks, Vacation days, Parties and more.

Moreover, we provide:

8. Wide area of delivery (NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, MA, MI, IL, OH, NC, SC, GA, WV, TN, KY, RI, ME, VT and more.)

9. Carryover unused credits to next season

10. Extended Season (more than the traditional 24 weeks) due to GHs / our own FL Organic Farm [from 2022]

11. Payment Methods - Credit Card, PayPal, online ACH/Check

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