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Indian Farm Box - Problem

The Problem : Non-Organic Old Tasteless Indian Vegetables

The Vegetables that are available in Indian Grocery Stores do not come from India.

They are largely grown in Central America to keep the prices low, mainly because of the lower labour costs.

These vegetables are harvested weeks earlier before the vegetables have reached their prime so that they can last the long journey.

This generally causes a lack of taste. Moreover, the hybrid seed varieties are selected for durability, production, and appearance at the expense of flavor. The treatments mandated to kill pests can further degrade flavor or texture. It might seem logical that older produce is also less nutritious and lasts less. It also spoils easier and earlier due to the factory preservation techniques used. 

The larger problem is of the use of fertilizers and pesticides in growing these vegetables in large scale commercial farms. Studies after studies have shown the harmful health effects on us and our family. 

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