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Packing - Dairy


The milk needs a separate refrigerated box to keep the milk cold.

Refrigerated Milk Bags: These refrigerated Bags need to be manufactured in bulk upfront. As they are costly, we charge a deposit for 4 bags to each person who subscribes to Milk Box at the beginning of the season. At the end of the season, the deposit is returned after reducing any lost/damaged bags and additionally 20% for use fee so that we can replace them every 5 years.

Additionally, we need to sanitize these boxes on their return so as to ensure that the reused bags are fresh and clean for the next weeks. We then freeze them so that they remain cool during the transit time. For this work, we charge a Service fee of $2.50 each week. 

Shipping Cost: Shipping Milk Cartons in refrigerated bags and sending them back every 4 weeks adds extra shipping cost to the delivery of Indian Farm Box in the range of $5-$8.

Combined Delivery to Temples/Community Centers
To save shipping costs, temples and community centers act as delivery points. We deliver a minimum of 50 boxes at each location with a flat rate of $5 each Indian Farm Box that includes Milk. Then we need not use these Refrigerated Milk Bags removing all costs associated with them. If you are interested to organize this, please contact us.

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