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USA Water Coconuts – Organic

Gopal Farm Water Coconuts are:

  • Harvested at peak freshness so have most electrolytes, nutrient and taste

  • Grown in USA

  • Certified USDA Organic

  • Yield 16 oz (approx.) of Organic Coconut water that is equivalent to the cost of similar quantity of pasteurized packaged coconut water harvested and packed months earlier. 
  • Weigh approx. 4.5 lbs.
  • Size: 5"x7" (ave)
  • Grown using agroforestry regenerative methods to enhance biodiversity and store carbon

  • Whole, so no oxidation

  • Fresh (harvested around a week earlier) and small enough to easily open using a kitchen knife or this special tool 

Many of our trees are green Malay coconut and a few orange Malay varieties with a refreshing sweet taste.

With numerous health benefits and a great taste, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy bottled coconut water. But the Packaging process:

Vita Coco - Vita Coco Coconut Water, Pure (11.1 oz) | Shop | Weis Markets

  • loses the nutrition and taste due to oxidation

  • looses the good bacteria, nutrients and electrolytes by pasteurization 

  • adds sugar

  • adds artificial flavors

  • its expensive 

So Nature's fresh fruit is the best. 

 Local Coconut - Brick Street Farms

Even the ubiquitous "Thai Coconuts" are not the best option as:

  • are harvested 2-3 months earlier often times before maturing hence the peak nutrients, and taste are missing

  • are peeled (for lower cost of transportation and for ease of opening by consumers) - but then they oxidize through the peeled hard shell. To reduce oxidation, often times these "Thai Coconuts" are then plastic wrapped.

Photo byThirdangel on Flickr. (Creative Commons).
  • each "Thai coconut" expends valuable carbon due to traveling from the other side of the world

  • large monoculture coconut plantations emit much carbon and old-growth forests (that store carbon) are often destroyed to make way for these plantations. 

  • often times they are not organically grown or ethically harvested with child (or even monkey) harvesters an issue

The ideal would be to have a coconut from your backyard - but that is a paradise few have in North America. The next best would be to have Tender Whole Coconut grown in USA.  

Our Pine Island, FL Farm is possibly the largest Coconut farm in the USA and we have pioneered large-scale coconut farming in the USA. We are the only Certified Organic Coconut farm in mainland USA. 

Many people find that the Tender Whole Coconut :

  • is too difficult to open

  • is too heavy and unwieldy to carry around

Easy Opening a Tender Whole Coconut:  With a kitchen knife or with this Coconut Opening Tool anyone, even children can open the Coconuts, without creating a mess. 

This is only possible with Gopal Farm Coconuts, as they are fresh and hence tender to pierce open with a small knife. 

Or they can be opened with this special Brazilian tool available on Amazon.

Once they are older, then the inside shell starts hardening making it difficult to open easily with a small knife or with this Brazilian tool. Then you would need a machete or a large knife or even a drill to get to the sweet water. 

If you need to carry fresh coconut water with you, you can use this tool to pour the coconut water in your flasks - all this makes for it to be much better than a packaged coconut.  

Note: If you would like delivery to your place please contact customer support for the information. 

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