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USA Juicing Coconuts – Organic (Water & Meat)


Gopal Farm Juicing Coconuts are:

  • Ideal For juicing companies/juice shops
  • Need a machete or Coconut opening machine
  • Harvested at peak freshness so have most electrolytes, nutrients, and taste

  • Grown in the USA

  • Certified USDA Organic

  • Grown using agroforestry regenerative methods to enhance biodiversity and store carbon

  • Whole, so no oxidation


  • 8-10 oz (approx.) of Organic Coconut Water &

  • 8-10 oz (approx.) of Organic Coconut Meat

    It is equivalent to the cost of a similar quantity of pasteurized packaged Organic coconut water & Organic Coconut Chunks harvested and packed months earlier. 


    • Weight approx. 7 lbs.
    • Size: 8"x10" (ave)
    • Harvested Fresh but are mature, so they need to be opened with machete or Coconut opener machines. 

    Many of our trees are green Malay coconut and a few orange Malay varieties with a refreshing sweet taste.

    With numerous health benefits and a great taste, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy bottled coconut water. But the Packaging process:

    Vita Coco - Vita Coco Coconut Water, Pure (11.1 oz) | Shop | Weis Markets

    • loses the nutrition and taste due to oxidation

    • loses the good bacteria, nutrients, and electrolytes by pasteurization 

    • adds sugar

    • adds artificial flavors

    • it's expensive 

    So Nature's fresh fruit is the best. 

     Local Coconut - Brick Street Farms

    Even the ubiquitous "Thai Coconuts" are not the best option as:

    • They are harvested 2-3 months earlier, often before maturing; hence the peak nutrients and taste are missing

    • They are peeled (for lower cost of transportation and ease of opening by consumers) - but then they oxidize through the peeled hard shell. To reduce oxidation and conserve moisture, these "Thai Coconuts" are often plastic wrapped.

    Photo byThirdangel on Flickr. (Creative Commons).
    • Each "Thai coconut" expends valuable carbon due to traveling from the other side of the world

    • large monoculture coconut plantations emit much carbon, and old-growth forests (that store carbon) are often destroyed to make way for these plantations. 

    • often they are not organically grown or ethically harvested with child (or even monkey) harvesters, an issue

    The ideal would be to have a coconut from your backyard - but that is a paradise few have in North America. The next best would be to have USA-grown Juicing Coconuts grown.

    Our Pine Island, FL Farm is possibly the largest Coconut farm in the USA, and we have pioneered large-scale coconut farming in the USA. We are the only Certified Organic Coconut farm in mainland USA. 

    Many people find that the Tender Whole Coconut :

    • is too difficult to open

    • is too heavy and unwieldy to carry around

    Once they are older, the inside shell starts hardening, making it difficult to open easily with a small knife or with this Brazilian tool. Then you would need a machete, a large knife, or even a drill to get to the sweet water. 

    Note: If you would like delivery to your place, please contact customer support for the information. 

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