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Cape Cod Farm


We are a 223-acre Ag-Conserved farm in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod (one of the largest farmlands on the Cape), growing Organic Vegetables (we specialize in Indian Heirloom Vegetables), Ayurveda Herbs and producing Ethical Milk Products. We have a farm stand for the local community, and we have a Farm CSA membership program where members subscribe to our produce for the season and pick up their weekly produce from the farm or we deliver to their homes. 

 From next year we want increase the acreage in production (from currently 5 acres) and to establish the Gopal Farm Resiliency Hub from which we will prepare Vegetarian ready to eat farm fresh organic Meals (with emphasis on Indian food) and deliver to community members throughout MA.

 We are focusing on the following MA communities:

  1. Local Cape Cod Community
  2. Vegetarians/Vegans
  3. Indians and other South Asian
  4. Food Insecure communities
  5. Elderly


40 Country Farm Road

Forestdale (Sandwich)

MA 02644

Contact us on Facebook: Gopalfarmcapecod 

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