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Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse Shares

Why Ayurvedic Juicing?

Limited shares Available - 2022 !! 

*Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse - Programs* 

6 Weeks | 8 Weeks | 12 Weeks | 20 Weeks

Ayurvedic Juice Box - Detox Cleansing

Ayurvedic Juice Box - Detox, Cleansing and Weight loss

The Cleansing Juice Box is Ayurvedically designed to cleanse the digestive tract and aid weight loss. Each plant was chosen for its action to cleanse the liver and spleen, help remove toxin impurities while increasing the ability to metabolize better fat burning. Bitter gourd is a specialized plant with bitter qualities that helps reduce excess kapha, lower blood sugar levels, and boost fat burning            Learn more....


Ayurvedic Juice Box - Acid Reflux / Stomach Acid

(Includes 3 Months of General Health Juice Box)

The Reducing Stomach Acidity Juice Box is Ayurvedically designed to reduce stomach acidity related to pitta conditions, acid reflux, gastritis, and burning sensation in the chest or throat. It is vital to good health to reduce excess acid secretion because it damages the lining of the stomach. Ayurveda sees excess acid as aggravated or increased pitta dosha (biological energy). Pitta dosha is responsible for all digestion and metabolism of food. Due to the aggravated or increased pitta dosha, all foods that are spicy and sour will increase acidity. The juice box is formulated to help normalize the aggravated pitta Learn More....


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Ayurvedic Juice Box - Summer Cleanse

The Summer Cleanse Juice Box is Ayurvedically designed for the grishma ritu or the summer season. The greeshma ritu is the time when the sun is moving in a northerly direction which heats the earth’s atmosphere. The excess heat dries the atmosphere, which causes our bodies to dehydrate more quickly. This is the time of year when vata and pitta dosha dominant and naturally increase causing issues like heat stroke, bodily dryness, reduced digestion, weaknesses with the brain and nervous system Learn more...


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Ayurvedic Juice Box - Fall Cleanse

Course Period - 12 Weeks

The Fall Cleanse Juice Box is Ayurvedically designed for the Fall season or Sharad ritu and the beginning of Winter season or Hemant ritu. This is the junction between the pitta warm season and the vata cool season. Both seasons have the quality of dryness, and this naturally weakens the immune system along with the changing temperature. This is the time when respiratory disorders like cold, cough and flu are more prevalent as well as skin disorders. This juice box is formulated to cleanse the excess pitta dosha and also balance vata dosha and prevent further drying of the internal body tissues, especially the brain Learn more.....


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Ayurvedic Juice Box - General Health

 Ayurvedic Juice Box - General Health

 Course Period - 20 Weeks

The Health and Nutrition Juice Box is Ayurvedically designed to bring balance among the three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha. Ayurveda believes health is dependent on balancing the three doshas (biological energies) and nourishing the seven dhatus (body tissues). The seven dhatus include lymph, blood, muscle, fat, bones, nerves, and reproductive organs. This Ayurvedically designed extraction of plant juices will nourish all seven tissues Learn more.....


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