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Seasonal Share - Subscription Details

  • Seasonal Indian organic vegetables delivered right to your home!
  • Locally grown in our farm in New York. 
  • We source non-GMO, non-hybrid untreated heirloom (Desi) seeds from different regions of India.
  • We grow vegetables completely chemical free and cultivate using Vedic Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) methods with cow products.
  • A wonderful opportunity to get involved with the farming community!
  • We deliver only to upstate NY, NJ, CT, in our own refrigerated truck or you can pick it up at our farm. 
  • We used to ship by UPS to but this season we are not able to do so. 
  • Only farm delivering Fresh Indian Vegetables in the NY area. 
  • Gift, donate or send it to your family.
  • If you move we can deliver to your new Address (with prior notice)

Seasonal Share - Indian Farm Box 

2024 Season (12 Weeks) Starts week of Aug 5th

Want to eat seasonal and local? Organic Indian Seasonal Share Farm Box is perfect for you! Tune in to the rhythm of the seasons by eating what's in season. 

We grow a large variety of seasonal Indian Organic Vegetables and deliver to your home, fresh from our farm!

This season we will be delivering a farmer choice box. We have planted 25 different kind of Indian Vegetables which will in a rotation be added to a standard farm box that will be delivered to you. We will be adding some forage herbs and some other vegetables & fruits, when they are available.  



2024 Season Duration: 12 weeks (August 5 - Oct 21) 

Our Full Season Membership  will provide you with a weekly farm box.

Large Box contains 10-14 items/box weekly. 

CSA Season 2024 - Large Box Sign Up  

Medium Box contains 7-10 items/box weekly. 

CSA Season 2024 - Medium Box Sign Up  

Limited slots available  

List of Vegetables over Summer and fall seasons:  Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Okra, Sambhar Cucumber, Dosakai, Gongura, Malabar Spinach, Yard Long Beans, Surti Papdi Beans, Kakdi, Mongre, Ash Gourd, Amaranth Green, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Hot peppers, Radishes,  different varieties of heirloom and cherry tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Pumpkins. 

August Month will have Organic Mangoes from our Mango farm in Florida!

Weekly 1-2 locally foraged herbs would be included. 

Delicious, regenerative, naturally, and sustainably grown produce grown at our farms & nearby farms! 

Signing up for our CSA means empowering your local farmers committed to healing and regenerative practices, and in return you enjoy farm fresh harvest each week throughout the season! Good food comes from good soil!  

Your membership is nonrefundable (only transferable in special circumstances) and contributes to the global sustainable food ecosystem.


Delivery days:

Tuesdays: Albany area
Wednesdays: Edison, NJ
Thursdays: CT, Westchester County NY, Upstate NY

Pick up days :  

(9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, EST) 

Sunday - Sign & Symbol Icons

 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, EST) 


Pick up Locations:

1. Gopal Farm at Sprout Creek

60 Lauer Rd

Poughkeepsie NY 12603

2. Gopal Farm 

332 Springtown Rd

New Paltz NY 12561


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if i miss a pick-up due to travelling or any other reason?

If you cannot pick-up your CSA share last minute, please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. Unfortunately, we cannot make up missed weeks or accommodate pickups outside of our set pick-up time. If you happen to miss a week, unclaimed shares are donated to the farm workers or local charities we are associated with. 

Can i visit the farm? 

We love to have you over. We will be open for visitors from August 3, 2024. Please follow our Facebook page @sproutcreekfarm to get regular updates.  

When you visit, please stay on the marked paths and be cautious, as we are an operational farm with heavy equipment. 

We love dogs! However, for food safety reasons, please leave your furry friends at home.  

Can i join CSA during the season?   

Generally, no. We grow only for members who have signed up before the season. But you can contact us for vacancies during the season. 

What happens to my farm share if there are extreme weather conditions or crop failure?

CSA model is such that the customers share the risks and the rewards of the growing season with their farmers. If we experience any challenging situations like heavy storms, we will try our best to supplement our own harvest with crops sourced from our sister farms and partner organic farms as available. The CSA amount is however, nonrefundable.  


2024 Season Duration: 14 weeks (August 3 - November 2) 

Our Full Season Membership  will provide you with a weekly farm box.

Large Box contains 10-14 items/box weekly. 

CSA Season 2024 - Large Box Sign Up  

Medium Box contains around 10 items/box weekly. 

CSA Season 2024 - Medium Box Sign Up  


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