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Cape Cod CSA Weekly - One time purchase

Cape Cod CSA – Weekly one-time purchase 

Organic Cape Cod CSA One Time Box is great if you have just begun your journey of eating organic food and want to test a little how the customizable farm box works. You can change into any other season-long plans anytime during the month or later! We know you will! 


We grow a large variety of seasonal Indian Organic Vegetables and Tropical Fruits and pack for our CSA members fresh from our farm! 

Easily customize which items come in your delivery. 

  • Enjoy farm-fresh vegetables from your local farm! 
  • Seasonal, local, and organic Indian vegetables. 
  • $50 / Week + $20 Farm convenience fee.
  • Farm pick-up is available to get your veggies. 
  • Prepaid credit can be used to buy vegetables and groceries! 
  • Vegetables, tropical fruits, medicinal greens, and herbs. 
  • Gift, donate, send it to a friend or share with your family. 
  • Seasonal Indian organic vegetables, tropical fruits, and organic Indian groceries are ready for pick up! 
  • Locally grown on our farms in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida. 
  • We source non-GMO, non-hybrid untreated heirloom (Desi) seeds from different regions of India. 
  • We grow vegetables completely chemical-free and cultivate them using Vedic Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) methods with cow products. 
  • A wonderful opportunity to get involved with the farming community! 
  • Access to Gopal Farm Exclusive store.

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