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I was a member of a Farm CSA earlier but I did not renew next year.

Traditionally the CSAs have been quite constricted in what farmers put in the CSA box, when they deliver or when you pick up leaving CSA members not fully satisfied. Members generally have not had much choice in selecting the boxes. Many members usually have put up with these inconveniences so as to keep availing of local farm produce, support a local farmer, keeping in touch with farming community etc.

Our CSA model is Completely unique where our members may almost fully customize their weekly boxes, in addition to receiving the other benefits of signing up for a Farm CSA. We are able to do so as we take all leftover produce, that our members do not put in their weekly online shopping carts, to our booth at Union Square Farmers Market in NYC.

Main areas of Customizations possible
  1. Select different themed CSA Boxes – Indian, Ayurveda, Multi-Cuisine, American, Jain, Fruits, Ethical Milk etc.
  2. Select different Size Boxes
  3. Select frequency (Weekly / Bi-Weekly) of Boxes
  4. Weekly Select Vegetables & Quantity that would go in the online Shopping Cart
  5. Select Direct Delivery to homes / Pickups
  6. Select Different days of Delivery / Pickups
  7. Wide area of delivery (NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, MA, RI, ME, VT and more.)
  8. Customize quantity/delivery schedule for Vacation weeks, Vacation days, Parties and more.
  9. Carry over unused credits to next season
  10. Extended Season due to GHs / our own FL Organic Farm
  11. Pay using CC, PayPal, online ACH, flex Payment Plan, Apply Pay
Why do you ask for advance payment for the CSA box?

This is how traditionally CSA farms in USA have been able to function. It is quite expensive to grow Organic vegetables by small farms like us where all expenses to grow the crops (like labor, seeds, land preparation etc.) have to be borne by the farmer for 3-4 months before the first crops are harvested. We grow only for the number of members who sign up for a box before the season starts. Hence by subscribing early you are able to support the farmer and thereby also avail of the bountiful harvest of fresh organic vegetables for your family.

Do you have an Installment plan?

Yes. We have an installment plan of three (3) installments to make it easier to pay. There will be an additional fee of $100 for this service, mainly due to the payment plan provider service fee. You will find the payment plan option while checking out.

Do you offer Monthly plans?

No. We don’t offer monthly plans. The reason is that we need most of the funds in spring time to pay for the labor, seeds, growing seedlings, land preparations, yearly supplies, etc.

Is there a limit to the numbers of members who can sign up?

Yes. For year 2020, our limit is 300 members. After that we would put you on waiting list.

Can we join in to the CSA during the year?

Generally, no. We grow only for members who have signed up for the season, before the season. But you may Contact Us for vacancies during the season.

Do you provide any discounts?

Yes. We have early bird discounts. Please check the CSA box option for respective discounts.

We also have member discounts for on-the-farm events. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about them

Can one cancel the subscription?

Yes. Our Cancellation policy is a 2-week advance notice (to find replacement members). The Cancellation fee is $100 for weekly subscriber, $75 for a Bi-weekly.

What is the size / weight of each Box?

It Varies. It depends on what you weekly select in the shopping cart with the credits (size and frequency of the box) that you have subscribed to. You may even use more or less of the weekly credits to balance out all credits by the end of the season. We give a lot of flexibility to all members. We are unlike other CSAs where the farmer would make a share for you.

Generally, members are able to order in the:

4-family box: 10-14 vegetables for the week’s cooking.
2-family box: 6-10 vegetables for their week’s cooking

But you may choose to add more of some vegetables while reducing the qty of others or adding a smaller number of vegetables. It is entirely up to you how you choose to construct your Farm Box. Think of it as going to your grocery store. One week you may be in a mood to make lots of pasta so you may be loading up on lots of tomatoes, while reducing on the cauliflower that week.

The difference from going to an Organic Grocery store is that there will only be seasonal vegetables available in our Farm Box – and they are fresher and more flavorful in taste. Eating in season is also more nutritious and healthier for our bodies.

I am going away for a few days this week, can I order less this particular week?

Yes. You may use less of your credit one week and use more in the next weeks.

I am going to have a party next week, can I order more than my credit share so I can share the farm fresh vegetables with my guests?

Yes. You may use more of your credit one week and use less in the next weeks.

I am going away on a vacation for 4 weeks. What do I do with my weekly boxes?

You can do a few things:

  1. You could put a hold for those 4 weeks. No boxes will go out to you. We give you credit for 4 total weeks in the season for weekly subscriptions and 2 total weeks in the season for bi-weekly subscriptions. Why we cannot give more is that we may not be able to find replacement receiver for the produce grown for you beyond the 4 weeks.
  2. You may change delivery address to:
  3. As a gift to your friend or relative to inspire them to also use Farm fresh organic vegetables in their diet.
  4. As a donation to a deserving person who may not usually be able to afford organic vegetables.

Or a combination of the above. You should be able to make these changes on your account on You may Contact us if you need any help setting this up.

What happens to the unused Credits at the end of the season?

We will credit you this amount towards the subscription to the next season.

How are comparative prices of your Organic Vegetables compared with Whole Foods?

The prices are generally lesser or equal.

But most of our Unique vegetables are not available and if they are then they are not available from a local farm and mostly not organic. Hence Prices are difficult to compare.

Can we see the last years prices?

Yes. You may use this link to see last fall’s online store.

Do you provide home delivery?

Yes. We use UPS to do the delivery at home for an extra nominal cost of $10-$13 on the East Coast. See more…

Is your packing recyclable/eco-friendly?

Yes. Gopal Farm has developed a unique cutting-edge method of packaging for Grocery delivery. Please see our packaging policy for details here.

Do the veg stay fresh?

Yes. They stay fresh because:

  1. The vegetables are generally harvested and shipped to you the same day to arrive next day (in NY area) or in 2-days (in East Coast)
  2. Due to our unique innovative eco-friendly packaging so that the produce remains fresh in hot/cold.

We are ever improving on our methods and we welcome feedback and suggestions.

What are the List of vegetables are you doing this year?

You may visit here for details.

What are the Seasonal List of vegetables?

April – June

July – Sep

October – Dec

Do you sell to grocery stores?

Yes. We sell some of the excess vegetables to some specialty food stores. We do not sell to Indian Grocery Stores.

Do you do wholesale distribution?

Yes. Kindly Contact us to setup your Wholesale account.

Do you sell to restaurants?

Yes. Kindly Contact us to setup your Wholesale account.

Do you do bulk orders for temples, weddings, family gatherings, etc...?

Yes. We can do bulk orders. But we can spare only excess seasonal produce rather than choice produce unless booked pre-season. Kindly Contact us for availability and bulk pricing.

Do you provide milk & milk products?

Yes. We will be selling our Ethical A2 grass fed Organic Milk and other Dairy products by the end of 2020. Kindly Contact us for Investment opportunities. article.

Do you provide fruits?

Yes. We do a great variety of Indian tropical and Northeastern fruits.

What are the list of fruits?
How are you able to grow in winter?

We have green houses and we also have Organic land in Florida both of which we use to provide Winter Produce.

Do you conduct any Farm events?

Yes. We do conduct events and they are announced in the weekly Newsletter. Please subscribe here.

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