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We Deliver Using Our Own Refrigerated Truck. 

Answers to Questions on Pricing, Advance Payment, Content, Size of Boxes, Seasonal List, and a lot of more...
The traditional Model of CSA Boxes is that the farmer puts in each Member Box a portion of what is being grown seasonally. Members generally havenot had muchchoice in selecting the boxes.  Our CSA model Mixes Choice with traditional CSA advantages.We are trying to mirror the shopping experience of going to a normal Organic Grocery Store while connecting the members to a local farm and its farming community.

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- Organic Farm Fresh Fruit Box 

Specialty products like Organic Grains, Honey, Maple Syrup, Farm Sauces, Dehydrated Vegetables, Juices, and other Organic and unique premium items


In colder months, we grow the greens in geothermally heated greenhouses. We have also partnered with an Organic Farm in Florida to grow Organic Vegetables and Fruits for the beginning and end season months when it is too cold here in NY to grow warm weather Vegetables. With our contracted truck, we are able to bring the harvested vegetables from our FL farm within 2 days to our NY farm keeping the flavor and freshness intact.

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