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Weekly Indian Farm Box - Subscription Details

  • Seasonal Indian organic vegetables, tropical fruits and organic Indian groceries delivered right to your home!
  • Locally grown in our farms in New York, Massachusetts and Florida.
  • We source non-GMO, non-hybrid untreated heirloom (Desi) seeds from different regions of India.
  • We grow vegetables completely chemical free and cultivate using Vedic Agriculture (Vedic Krishi) methods with cow products.
  • A wonderful opportunity to get involved with the farming community!
  • No more fixed options, you add to cart what you like every week.
  • We deliver to NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA and Eastern PA in our own refrigerated trucks.
  • We ship by UPS 2 day ground to DE, MD, DC, VA, MI, OH, IL, NC, SC, GA, WV, TN, KY, ME, VT.
  • We ship UPS next day air to TX, CA, CO, AZ, UT, WY, SD, WA, ID, MT, OR, NM, ND, MS.
  • Only farm delivering Fresh Vegetables by UPS & Door Delivery.

Weekly Indian Farm Box

April - December (35 Weeks)

We grow a large variety of seasonal Indian Organic Vegetables and Fruits and deliver to your home, fresh from our farm!

Easily customize which items come in your delivery each week.


Season 2022 - Sign UP


  • Enjoy farm fresh vegetables from the comfort of your home!
  • Seasonal, local, and organic Indian vegetables.
  • Build your box each week online with our flexible CSA!
  • Minimum order is just $35!
  • Farm pick up, delivery and shipping options to get your veggies.
  • Flat $10 delivery fee on any size order including groceries.
  • Prepaid credit can be used to buy vegetables and groceries!
  • If you move, we can deliver to your new address.
  • Vegetables, tropical fruits, medicinal greens, and herbs.
  • Gift, donate, send it to a friend or share with your family.

How it works:

Indian farm box is  a customizable farm shares program, also called a flexible CSA. We offer organic Indian vegetables, local standard vegetables, tropical fruits, special pooja produce like mango Leaves, banana Leaves, pooja coconuts and many more organically grown in our farms in NY, MA & FL. Native standard vegetables like beets, carrots, lettuce, kale, swisschard, potatoes, onions etc are grown at our contracted organic farms.

Grocery: From season 2022, we are offering a wide range of Indian organic Grocery items like organic spices, organic dals, cereals, nuts, millets and more. You can add all the grocery you need to the weekly CSA cart. Note: Grocery is not an add-on and is included in the prepaid CSA subscription.

Season 2022 is for 35 Weeks,deliveries begin in April and run through December 2022.

Prepaid Subscription: Popularly called as CSA, community supported agriculture is based on prepaid subscriptions, to facilitate growing of the produce starting from February at our Florida farms. Season 2022 runs for a total of 35 weeks with deliveries beginning in April. The cost of the weekly Indian farm box is $2199, out of which $2100 will be credited to your account as prepaid credit which you can start spending from April. $99 is our setup fee. Returning weekly farm box members do not pay the set-up fee. 

Min Weekly Order is only $35, no limit on maximum order. You may checkout weekly for produce amounting from $35 to even $200 or more as per availability of the respective produce. If your prepaid balance is exhausted before the 20 weeks of subscription, then you may refill your prepaid balance in increments of $250. Likewise, if you have any funds left in your account you can roll over to the next season or request a refund which will be processed in 6-8 weeks. 

Build your own “Indian Farm Box”: We offer a flexible CSA, you can pick what produce you need, according to your individual needs.

Delivery Hold/ Vacation: You can place your account on hold up to 6 times in the season, meaning if for any reason you want to skip the box, you can do so up to 6 times. In case of any special circumstances that require you to skip even more, the box can be gifted, donated, or shared with your friends and family. If the new address is our delivery zone, we will certainly try to accommodate the new address with a one-week prior notice. 

Delivery Fee:

  • Farm Pickup - No extra fee
  • Farm Vehicle - $10 flat fee (NYC & Albany region in NY, NJ, CT, Boston region & Cape Cod)
  • Delivery fee is also included in the prepaid credit and deducted every week at the checkout, need not be paid separately. 

Shipping fee:

Shipping fee is not included in the prepaid credit and needs to be paid separately at the weekly checkout or before the next week’s order.

Please read our full Delivery & Shipping Process & Policy here.

Shipping Insulators : 

When Delivery is by UPS, we use reusable refrigerated bags that need to be sent back to us once a month where they will be sanitized. We will charge a security deposit ($100 for 4 bags) at the beginning of the delivery season. At the end of the season, this deposit will be returned back after reduction of 25% replacement fee for wear and tear. If any of the bags are damaged or lost, a full replacement bag fee of $25 will be charged. Please read our full Packing Details & Policy here.  

Deliver Days: 

Our regular delivery days are from Tuesday to Friday. We will assign a delivery day depending on the route to best optimize the efficiency.              

Cancellation Policy: Two weeks advance notice & $100 Cancellation fee. 

Minimum Orders for cancellation: Members must make 4 minimum Orders (4 Weeks).

Note: We will be sending you multiple reminders to place the order apart from the store timings, still if we do not receive any order or notification from the CSA member we will be shipping or delivering out the Farmers choice box based on your previous purchases. 

Season 2022 - Sign UP


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