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American Farm Box - Product

Recommended Subscription: Full Season for 25 weeks. This is a discounted option. This also means that you have Food Security for these 25 Weeks as we are certain for how many of our members we are growing for. This advance from you is used to grow your vegetables for the many months it takes for the vegetables to reach your kitchen from seed. 

You may also subscribe Week-to-Week. We give preference to the Full Season subscribers due to the uncertainty regarding the number of subscribers Week-to-Week. Hence we cannot guarantee availability of all vegetables. The minimum Week-to-Week subscription is for 4 weeks.

Once the season starts you are able to weekly Customize the vegetables, as per seasonal and weekly availability and your need, then Checkout like in a normal shopping cart.

Please read in detail how our weekly CSA Farm Box program is unique in offering multiple Customizations to mirror your Weekly Shopping experience at the Organic Grocery Store without the hassle of traveling to your Organic Grocery Store or Farmers Market while knowing your produce is coming direct from farm. 

For detailed information, please read American Farm Box.

Please Contact us with suggestions on how we may improve your experience.

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